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The Quios Q-700 Short Code solution is simply the most advanced solution for SMS delivery and micro-payments available in the industry. Groomed over the years in Europe and Asia, the Q-700 platform provides a perfect combination of features and reliability to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers. The Quios Short Code Service features include:

Bill end-users for receiving SMS Text Messages
The Quios Message Platform (QMP) is a sophisticated gateway platform with the ability to send automated Premium SMS messages. With direct connections to wireless carriers, Quios can deliver text messages to all top US carriers and many international destinations who support Premium SMS.

Let Quios handle Subscriber Management
Quios has built a sophisticated permission management system to meet the ever changing carrier requirements. The system allows customers to implement a per-carrier business logic to deal with opt-in, help, opt-out, capping of monthly charges, phone number changes, refunds, etc. The Quios Permission Systems is integrated with the Quios gateway platform and handles carrier requirements in a fully transparent way. Our customers need not worry about implementing carrier specific rules into their applications. Quios will handle it for them.

Generate immediate revenue with a variety of tariff rates
Quios supports all tariff rates of all carriers, giving customers the flexibility to decide which tariff is best suited for their premium service. The charge to the end-user appears on their monthly mobile phone bill, or is deducted from their pre-paid credit.

Select your own Common Short Code
Premium SMS requires the use of a 5 or 6 digit Common Short Code. These short codes are more easily memorable than premium rate numbers. Quios’ routing platform fully supports routing based on Common Short Codes.

Dynamic reverse number look-up
Customers no longer need to ask their end-users which wireless carrier they are subscribed to. Quios can look up the carrier based on phone number and route the messages accordingly. Quios also provides customers with a look-up interface that allows them to query the carrier information without sending a text message. The results are guaranteed correct, even when the end-user has ported his existing number to a different carrier. You will never lose your customer again!

Integrated with most operating systems
The QMP platform is accessible through the public Internet by either submitting SOAP requests or, for the advanced SMS application developers, SMPP requests. This allows your existing Unix, Linux, or Windows systems to integrate easily with the gateway platform.

Multipart SMS messaging for long text messages
The QMP platform fully supports message concatenation for sending text messages that are longer than the maximum text limit (typically 160 characters). These different message parts are automatically glued back together by the receiving phone.

Support for SMS ringtones, operator logos, group graphics, picture messaging, and EMS
The QMP platform is capable of sending any of the above content types to end-users’ phones. Some of the content types require specific handsets. The end-user is billed when they actually receive the content on their phone (note: subject to carrier approval.) See FAQ for more details.

Support for MMS
The QMP platform supports the sending and billing of MMS messages. Through the industry standard MM7 SOAP API, customers can submit their MMS content, or a link to the content to us, and we take care of the delivery and the billing. The billing is completed through a Premium SMS transaction following successful download of the MMS content. (note: subject to carrier approval.) See FAQ for more details.

Ability to bill for WAP content download
Customers can now bill end-users for WAP content (such as Java games, polyphonic ringtones, true tones, etc.). The transaction is initiated with a WAP Push message, which gets Premium charged to the end-user’s phone bill. (note: subject to carrier approval.) See FAQ for more details.

Integrated billing solution WEB content
Through Quios’ integrated AccessPass solution, web content providers can now bill end-users for premium content, accessible through their website. Contact us for more details about SMS AccessPass.

End-to-end solution for interactive television
Use Premium SMS to allow your viewers to participate in a live television event. Give them the possibility to vote, to chat, to voice their opinions, to play games, etc. The possibilities are endless. Quios offers a full end-to-end solution for broadcasters and producers who want to embed text messaging into their programs and turn also-ran content into leading edge productions, driven by the audience. It’s the future of television according to McKinsey. Contact us for more details about Quios’ total SMS TV solution for broadcasters and producers

Full and detailed reporting
Quios provides full and detailed reporting of all messages processed by the platform. Quios’ extranet access gives you the full transparency that you need to effectively manage your Premium SMS campaigns.

Contact us and get started with Premium SMS today.

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