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You can be up and running with your own dedicated short code in less than 90 days for only $3,150 (or $3,995 for PSMS). This includes 3 months of short code rental for a random 5 digit short code, carrier provisioning fees, and all Quios setup/service fees. If your short code is already activated with another provider, we will WAIVE all set up fees.

Promotion Code: LO0122-0001
Offer expires: 2/16/2022

Fill out this form and receive our FREE white paper on how to launch a successful Premium SMS service. This 85 page document contains a wealth of information about how to design your campaigns to obtain speedy carrier approvals, and optimize your financial return. Whether you're launching a content, chat, sweepstake, or any other SMS or PSMS service, the Quios best practices document will have the answers you need.

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