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  Examples of PSMS Campaigns

Premium SMS has been in use around the world for many years. It has grown to become a multi-billion $ industry and with good reason! Premium SMS is the perfect solution for many types of micro-payment services:

Bill for SMS ringtones, operator logos, group graphics, EMS, or other forms of binary SMS content.
There is no better way to bill for SMS based content than to trigger the premium charge with the delivery of the content. It’s very intuitive and easy-to-use for the end-user, and straightforward to implement for the content provider, especially because Quios is shielding its customers from the administrative and technical headache of having to deal with all the wireless carriers. (note: subject to carrier approval. See FAQ content restrictions)

Bill for WAP content
Premium SMS also allows you to bill for WAP content without the need to be included in the carrier’s WAP portal. You can host your own content, and deliver a link to that content by SMS (‘WAP Push message’). We can premium rate the delivery of the WAP Push message, providing you with a very effective billing mechanism for carrier independent WAP content. (note: subject to carrier approval. See FAQ content restrictions)

Bill for MMS content
With the exponential increase in penetration of MMS capable handsets, Quios now offers you a way to bill for your MMS content. We can either trigger the billing with the MMS notification message, or alternatively trigger a billing transaction after the MMS content has been delivered to the phone. (note: subject to carrier approval. See FAQ content restrictions)

Bill for WEB content
Think Wall Street Journal. Think about giving WSJ visitors the chance to buy a day pass to the WSJ content for $0.99. PSMS offers your web site visitors a simple way to request a PIN code, which will give them access to your web based content. The delivery of the PIN code (by SMS) will trigger the premium billing transaction.

Bill customers effectively for low-value transactions
Premium SMS is the most convenient way to bill customers for services costing as little as 25 cents or as much as $5. No other billing mechanism offers the same ease of use as Premium SMS. Whether you’re billing for a parking ticket, a Coke can, or a music song, PSMS is your solution.

Perfect for subscription as well as one-off transactions
Unlike voice premium rate numbers, PSMS is an ideal solution for subscription-based services. An end-user can send one single SMS to a short code with the word ‘subscribe’ and receive a premium text message every day for the rest of the year, until he/she unsubscribes. Examples are daily weather forecasts, daily horoscope updates, etc. One-off services whereby the end-user requests a service, which is consequently delivered by premium sms is obviously also possible. An example would be ‘send me the latest AAPL stock quote’.

Perfect for alert services
The subscriber subscribes once by sending a text message to a short code. From that moment onwards (s)he will receive breaking news alerts, or goal-by-goal SMS sport alerts, or stock alerts whenever his/her favorite stock hits certain triggers, or alerts that his or her website is down, etc. The alerts itself will trigger the premium billing.

Enable interactive television and create a new revenue stream for broadcasters
Use Premium SMS to allow your viewers to participate in a live television event. Give them the possibility to vote, to chat, to voice their opinions, to play games, etc. Create a wireless video juke box, allow your viewers to enter a virtual world of avatars, launch the Home Shopping Network of the future, etc. The possibilities are endless. It’s the future of television according to McKinsey. No settop boxes needed, no hardware limitations, instantly available across all satellite and cable providers. All your viewer needs is a text enabled cell phone.

Perfect for dating services
The powerful combination of SMS communication with premium billing, makes Premium SMS THE perfect tool to enable speed-dating services. “You don’t reply to my SMS invitation within 2 minutes…. ? I’m moving on baby !!!”

Perfect for sweepstakes.
For companies wishing to launch mobile sweepstakes, Premium SMS has all the perfect characteristics for such use.

Why use credit cards or premium rate voice numbers?
Credit cards have proven to be ineffective in attracting micro-payments from end-users. Premium rate voice numbers have a horrible reputation and are plagued with huge charge backs. Why bother dealing with these problems, when Premium SMS has no such issues and is perfect for billing the youth market, which typically doesn’t have access to credit cards.

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