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The Q700 Short Code Service is a unique service, offering reliable cross carrier message delivery and billing. Premium SMS, or the ability to charge a consumer on his or her cell phone bill, is the most convenient way for content providers to generate revenue, and for consumers to pay for content services.
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As a leader in premium messaging services, Quios is pleased to offer its customers an end-to-end solution covering all major US carriers. Our unique permission management technology handles all carrier specific requirements without any need for custom development on your end.

Our flat rate pricing model, available as an option, gives you 100% of the outpayments we receive.
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  Follow these three easy steps to implement your PSMS service with Quios:  


Check the availability of your preferred short code here (US only):

Results will appear in a separate window and may be invisible if your browser blocks pop-ups.

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  Quios will obtain the necessary carrier approvals and assist you with implementing the connection to our servers.
Each carrier has its own set of criteria for evaluating and approving short code projects.
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  Each carrier has implemented different price bands, revenue share percentages, and outpayment procedures.
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