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  Q-500 'One World One Number' Services

To date, one of the main hurdles for global content partners was that their applications could not interact with SMS users across national boundaries, and often between carriers in a given country. To cope with this, large portals and media conglomerates needed to connect to several carriers and advertise different shortcodes for different countries and operators. Q-500 solves this problem.

Using Q-500 any application can interact with almost any user in the GSM world, using only 1 number. The benefits are huge. Think internet: do you care where an application/website is hosted if you want to access it with your browser? Now the same is true in the SMS world.

Q-500 enables our customers to use a single mobile number, irrelevant of country targeted, or recipient network, to invite communication from end-users via text message. Thus, global campaigns/services become easy to implement and manage.

Integrated Media Campaigns/ Services/ User Experience

Q-500 is an ideal solution for integration with existing media. It transports static media, in to fully interactive campaigns/ services/ experiences. Such media include:

  • TV
    Live audience polls
    Viewer requests
    Branded direct response
    Audience participation

  • Radio
    Branded direct response
    Track requests
    Chart voting
    Audience participation
    Live audience polls
    Ringtone requests

  • Online
    Content services
    Traffic driver
    Call to web response
    Revenue opportunities
    Extend reach to audience

  • Outdoor
    Location sensitive
    Live Events eg World Cup
    Branded direct response

  • In-Store
    Drive store traffic
    Promotional alerts
    Stock control

  • Press
    Link to promotions
    Interact off the page
    Branded direct response
    Request service

  • On-Pack
    Match & win
    Loyalty schemes

  • Direct
    Personalised communication
    Branded direct response
    Request based

Benefits of Quios' Q-500 One World One Number Service

  • 2way text communication to mobile users on any network.
  • Outbound/Inbound text messages with reply path from any network.
  • Mobile users to be able to reply to one number independent of country or network.
  • 2way communication can be customer or end-user initiated.
  • Converts static media to interactive media
  • Gives the 'Personal touch' to the end-user
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to set-up

For further information please contact a sales representative at sales@quios.net

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