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Commercial Overview

What type of SMS messages can I send using Q-500?
SMS (text messages)
SM (ringtones and logos conforming to the Nokia standard)
Ringtones & Logos (compatible with non-Nokia handsets)
EMS (combination of picture, melodies and text)

Can I send and receive text messages?
No, Q-500 is our global high capacity outbound service only. If you require 2way messaging please refer to our Q-900 global 2way SMS services.

What is Outbound SMS?
Outbound SMS is the collective name given to the sending of any message type (SMS, Ringtone, Logo, SM, EMS) to a mobile phone.

What additional features do you offer?
Quios offer a number of additional features e.g. Flash, receipt notification, message sizing. For a full list of features click here.

What volumes of messages can I send?
The Quios Messaging Platform (QMP) is designed to deliver up to 1000 messages per second. However, the bottleneck is usually the operators' SMSC. Please contact our Sales Team to discuss your specific throughput needs.

Can I put a limit on the number of SMS I send per month?
Yes, we can set a limit on your account if you have a set budget for SMS per month.

Can I try your service before I buy?
Yes. We provide a test facility for customers wishing to trail SMS services. Please contact our sales team at sales@quios.net

What if I have Outbound SMS overflow requirements for my Q-700 Premium Services where quality is paramount?
For such customers, we recommend our Q-501 Platinum Service as it will systematically favour performance at any given time (reliability, latency) over cost.

What if I require good performance, but want to get the best price?
No problem. Our Q-501 Silver service will route your messages through the lowest cost gateways, at any given time, ensuring you maintain good performance at the 'best price'.

Why Should I Use Quios?

Scale - Quios uses leased line connections into the heart of various operators around the world. Today we are able to send an average throughput of 10,000 SMS per minute with peaks at 15,000 SMS/minute. As a result, Quios can offer reliable high capacity connections.

Reliability - all projects hosted by Quios will be based at secure data facilities. These facilities provide high-speed Internet connectivity, uninterruptible power supplies and 24x7 on-site monitoring by support personnel.

Leading edge technology - Quios is experienced in the wireless world and our systems have been fully stress-tested and refined. Furthermore we are poised to offer you the latest technology as soon as it becomes commercially available.

One stop shop - We offer Premium SMS messages but also the broadest coverage for simple MT messages. We cover over 450 operators worldwide, adding new ones every month. It is a complete solution.

Pricing - Quios have a very competitive pricing policy. Check our revenue shares against the networks.

Convenience - It is costly, lengthy and technically difficult to set up premium services with each of the network operators throughout the world. Quios offer you a single, cost effective point of access to fulfill all your Premium Service needs in the shortest possible time to market.


What are your per message prices?
The price per message varies. It depends on message type, destination of message, volumes and additional functionality. For further information on pricing please contact sales@quios.net

What will it cost me to set-up such a service?
Your specific requirements will affect the set-up fee. Please contact a Quios Sales Representative for information on pricing.


What protocols & interfaces do you accept?
All Quios services are accessed via HTTP over the internet. The data is formatted in XML either with a custom Quios DTD or via SOAP. In the near future we will be introducing SMPP and SMTP based services.

How long does it take to set-up a test account?
On average it takes a few hours to set up an account. However this is dependent on collecting the correct information from you to provision the account.

How do I send messages to Quios?
By utilising the Quios Q-Caster protocol. This is an HTTP/XML interface provides a simple and robust method of sending messages. Each 'post' to Quios can contain multiple messages to be delivered.

How can I be sure you have delivered them?
If you have purchased Quios' end to end notification service you will be informed when messages have been delivered to the mobile device.

What support is there?
We offer email based support services Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 London UK time. Additional support services can be discussed with your Sales Representative

What is your security like?
If security is of importance we either recommend the use of HTTPS or for high volume accounts we would recommend an IPSEC based solution.

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