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  Quios Messaging Gateway

The Quios Messaging Platform, or QMP for short, is the name for the various applications and messaging infrastructure Quios uses to communicate with client's applications and send, receive and manage messages. QMP manages communication with over 450 mobile carriers worldwide. Its rich feature set and flexible connectivity options make it the platform of choice for leading global companies that wish to extend their reach to mobile users worldwide. Furthermore Quios utilises Cable & Wireless' industry strength backbone, through its global partnership.

Highly Scalable. All components of the QMP are designed with scalability in mind. The software is fully object-oriented, while the hardware is deployed in a highly redundant environment. The QMP design goals are to achieve a throughput of 500 messages/second and monthly traffic of over 1 billion messages. Since inception, hundreds of millions of messages have been successfully routed and delivered through QMP, making it one of the most successful messaging platforms in the world.

Global Footprint. QMP connects directly to the Quios Network Interworking Platform (QNIP), which provides direct SS7 access to over 450 mobile carriers worldwide, as well as multiple connections directly to SMSCs around the world. QNIP also provides an abstraction layer, enabling QMP to support all popular mobile protocols, including GSM, CDMA, and TDMA.

Secure Network. The network architecture adheres to rigorous security standards. Connections between customers and QMP can be handled over a secure VPN link (IPsec) or via SSL. Messages leaving QMP are delivered to the SS7 networks or SMSCs directly over secure connections. Encryption protects data privacy, and authentication verifies the user's identity.

Reliable. QMP is deployed in a highly redundant environment, which is achieved through multiple connection points, routers, firewalls, switches, and servers distributed globally. Advanced load balancing and centralised logging ensures optimal performance of the distributed system. Historically, QMP has an availability record of over 99.96%.

Protocols. The protocols between Quios and the customer are industry standard protocols based on XMP, SOAP, SMTP, SMPP.

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